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Massages & Body Treatments
Swedish Massage

A classic relaxation massage that uses long, flowing strokes. Promotes stress relief, improved circulation, and overall relaxation.

$115 (60 min) – $145 (90 min)

Deep Tissue Massage

Targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to alleviate chronic tension and knots. Helps relieve muscle soreness, tightness, and promotes better range of motion.

$135 (60 min) – $165 (90 min)

Hot Stone Massage

Uses smooth, heated stones to apply pressure and provide deep relaxation. The warmth of the stones helps to melt away muscle tension and promotes a sense of grounding.

$135 (60 min) – $165 (90 min)

Aromatherapy Massage

Combines the benefits of Swedish massage with the use of essential oils The therapeutic scents of the oils enhance relaxation, balance, and well-being.

$140 (60 min) – $210 (90 min)

Sports Massage

Targets specific muscles and areas of the body to improve athletic
performance, flexibility, and recovery. Uses various techniques such as stretching, deep tissue work, and joint mobilization.

$140 (60 min) – $210 (90 min)

Prenatal Massage

Designed specifically for expectant mothers to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate pregnancy discomfort. Provides a soothing and nurturing experience for both the mother and baby.

$150 (60 min) – $225 (90 min)

Postoperative Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Gentle and light massage technique designed to stimulate the lymphatic system. Helps to reduce swelling, bruising, and inflammation that may occur after surgery. Promotes the removal of toxins and excess fluids from the body.
*10-12 sessions recommended post surgery

$150 (60 min, it may vary)

Traditional Thai Massage

A full-body massage performed on a mat on the floor. The therapist uses their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply pressure along energy lines and perform gentle stretching movements. Promotes relaxation, improves flexibility, and stimulates energy flow.

$145 (60 min) – $165 (90 min)

Thai Aromatherapy Massage

Blends the therapeutic benefits of traditional Thai massage with the use of aromatic oils. The soothing scents of the oils enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

$155 (60 min) – $175 (90 min)

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Involves the use of warm herbal compresses in addition to traditional Thai massage techniques. The compresses contain a blend of aromatic herbs that are steamed and applied to the body, promoting relaxation and releasing tension.

$155 (60 min) – $175 (90 min)

Thai Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

Targets tension and tightness in the upper body. Involves a combination of acupressure, stretching, and massage techniques on the head, neck, and shoulders. Relieves muscle stiffness, reduces headaches, and promotes relaxation.

$115 (30 min) – $145 (60 min)

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

This wrap uses nutrient-rich seaweed to detoxify and nourish the skin. It helps eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite, and improve skin tone.

$150 (60 min)

Hydrating Aloe Vera Wrap

This soothing wrap utilizes the hydrating properties of aloe vera to moisturize and replenish dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

$150 (60 min)

Firming and Toning Clay Wrap

This wrap uses a blend of mineral-rich clay and essential oils to tighten and firm the skin. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and promotes a more toned and sculpted body.

$175 (75 min)

Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Wrap

This wrap targets cellulite and excess fat by combining active ingredients that stimulate circulation and help break down fatty deposits. It helps improve skin texture and promote a slimmer appearance.

$190 (90 min)

Nourishing Chocolate Wrap

Indulge in this luxurious wrap that utilizes the antioxidant properties of cocoa to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft, and smelling delicious.

$150 (60 min)

Relaxing Lavender Wrap

Immerse yourself in the calming and soothing effects of lavender. This wrap promotes deep relaxation, relieves stress, and leaves the skin feeling silky and moisturized.

$150 (60 min)